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Manage Your Wealth Responsibly Using the SOA Enhanced ESG Approach

The Stewardship Personal Values PortfoliosSM

Socially Inspired InvestingSM designed to help our clients meet their financial potential responsibly. We believe investors can “do well by doing good.” Seek attractive returns by investing in companies that reflect a concern for the social and environmental issues facing our world.

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ESG Factors — Key Drivers of Value

In addition to aligning with a client’s sense of responsibility to the earth, its inhabitants and the environment, responsibly managed companies are often better positioned in the competitive market place — and better able to provide strong long-term growth.

Applying a Higher Standard

Seasons of Advice Personal Values PortfoliosSM employ a more rigorous process than our standard portfolios for assessing ESG factors — without compromising your return goals.

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Morningstar Sustainability Rating

We begin with a third party investment research vendor (Morningstar® Direct) to select mutual funds and ETFs with a Morningstar® Sustainability Rating of Above Average or better. The Morningstar® Sustainability Rating is a measure of how well Morningstar believes the holdings in a portfolio are managing their environmental, social, and governance, or ESG, risks and opportunities relative to their Morningstar Category peers.*

SOA Enhanced ESG Overlay

For certain clients who desire additional screening, we eliminate mutual funds and ETFs holdings that have more than 5% of the following areas of concern: Tobacco, Palm oil, Thermal coal, Small arms, Controversial weapons, Animal testing.**

For certain clients whose Socially Inspired portfolios include individual securities, we use the services of an unaffiliated SEC Registered Investment Adviser, Open Invest Co. (“OpenInvest”) as a sub-adviser.***

SOA Stewardship Portfolio

The final universe is a competitive and diverse one, allowing us to build a customized, low-cost ESG portfolio offering a full range of asset allocation models from conservative to aggressive.

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**Due to the heightened level of analysis, Seasons of Advice charges an additional 0.10% fee. 

***Clients with assets managed by OpenInvest pay an additional fee of up to 0.20% (20 basis points) for its services. 

Please see our Form ADV for more information, including a discussion of applicable fees and risks.

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