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What We Do

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Our Philosophy

We invest to meet your goals
— today and tomorrow.

At Seasons of Advice, our fiduciary approach to investment management is rigorous and methodical, yet personal. We can tailor your investment plan to specifically focus on your needs, goals and values, and consider important sensitivities, such as taxes and risk appetite. Our process is forward-looking and quantitative. While we adhere to proven, systematized processes, your investment portfolio is customized to be uniquely yours.

Our Investment Process

A rigorous process focused on your goals

Your portfolio will consist of a diversified combination of flexible investments designed to match your return expectation, appetite for risk and tax sensitivity. Investments include fixed income funds, equity index funds, ETFs, mutual funds, individual securities and socially responsible investments.

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Client Level Consideration
Identify Client Goals & Objectives
Develop Investment Policy Guidelines
Firm Level Consideration
Investment Committee
Macro Views
Model Portfolio Guidelines
Custom Investment Vehicles
Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis
Targeted SRI Consider-ations
Identity & Select Investment Leaders
Customize Model Portfolio
Identify Client Calls & Preferences
We work with clients to map out their goals and objectives and use that information to determine their custom risk profile.
Develop Investment Policy Guidelines
Once a client's risk profile is determined, we develop a customized Investment Policy Statement using one of our ten proprietary investment models.
Investment Committee
The Seasons of Advice Wealth Management investment committee meets on a monthly basis to review existing recommended investments. The committee will also assess the current overall macro-economic market conditions and whether changes are warranted to the firm's investment philosophy.
Macro Views
We study and assess macro-economic variables such as inflation, unemployment and GDP growth as well as legislation coming out of Washington and the potential impact of the market.
Model Portfolio Guidelines
Based on our analysis of the overall economic/market trends, we have developed and continue to monitor ten proprietary investment models.
Custom Investment Vehicles
As market and economic conditions change we have the ability to create customized investment portfolios using structured products.
Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis
We research the fundamentals of each investment using a robust, quantitative and proprietary algorithm to identify asset class category leaders.
Targeted SRI Considerations
For clients who are interested in socially responsible investing we assess targeted SRI considerations
Identity & Select Investment Leaders
Our proprietary scoring algorithm assesses both technical and fundamental analytical elements, to determine the best fund managers, ETFs and individual securities in each category.
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