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We are committed to helping you achieve your financial potential.

For over three decades, we have helped our clients make relevant and effective financial choices to help them comfortably and confidently build wealth. We are experienced and independent professionals who have the knowledge, inspiration and practical expertise that can make an important emotional and financial difference in your family’s financial security and success.

We Plan for All the Seasons of Your Life

Systematic, Proactive, Relevant and Coordinated.

Ours is a unique approach to a traditional discipline. Addressing your finances according to the seasonal flow of your life — and your money — aligns with natural processes. The Seasons of Advice process has a natural rhythm, one that aligns with the way you experience life. By giving our work together a context that is constant and reliable, all financial matters receive proper consideration, so you can make more effective choices and keep your wealth-building momentum moving forward.

Winter Goal Tracking

The main purpose of the Goal Tracking season is to analyze and discuss how we are progressing with each of your goals. This is where we recalculate where you stand, re-evaluate our assumptions and possibly re-set our strategies moving forward.

Spring Asset Allocation

In Asset Allocation we take into consideration your risk tolerance, investment time frames etc. We then set the Investment model we will be using for the next 12 months.

Summer Family, Security and Cash Flow Review

This season will focus on cash flow ensuring you are properly positioned for your short term cash needs. Insurance and estate planning strategies are reviewed. Additionally, we discuss intergenerational issues and employee benefits.

Fall Tax Planning

This season is designed to make sure your taxes are organized as much as possible. We reach out to your accountant to work with us to help you make appropriate tax decisions, not only to save taxes in the current year but also for the long run.

Investment Management

At Seasons of Advice, our fiduciary approach to investment management is rigorous and methodical, yet personal.

Investment Management

SRI Investing

Through our Stewardship Personal Values Portfolios® we offer a range of customized strategies to suit your income, growth and tax savings objectives, while honoring your commitment to your social and environmental issues.

SRI Investing

Insurance Services

At Seasons of Advice we design every financial plan to help you achieve your life’s goals.

Insurance Services

Helpful Tools

To get you started we’ve assembled helpful organizers that you can download. You will also find a deep-dive set of fact sheets that can bring more detail to the unique programs we’ve developed.



Answers to important, interesting and thought-provoking questions you may find helpful.


The Socially Inspired Investor®

The Socially Inspired Investor digest is thought leadership we’d like to share with you so you stay up-to-date on Socially Inspired Investing trends.

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